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Astro Love 101: The Moon in House Overlays

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Beyond Your Personal Prison: 12th House Synastry

Venus Synastry: 1st House Overlay. It's the difference in their astrological energies that causes this difference in their interpretation, feelings, and reaction to the same situation. Tired of the difficulties in your family? Everything hums along wonderfully when family members have similar astrological compositions. It's only when a family member's signs are significantly different from most of the other family member's signs that things get interesting Some combine more easily than others. A look at the combinations lends tremendous insight into how these planets and signs show themselves in our personalities Special Interest Articles You may use the test below to determine if you are mostly masculine or feminine in your overall astrological composition.

Take the time to complete the test. Many people are surprised to find they are actually more masculine or feminine than they thought. Most often, we identify with only our sun sign to get a sense of whether we are more masculine or feminine. This can be deceiving. Sometimes the sun sign is overwhelmed by the other signs in your chart. A masculine sun sign, for example, can be overwhelmed by a moon and other planets in feminine signs, or vice versa. To really understand the nature of each house of the zodiac, it is useful to view them as a gradual maturation process.

Ascendant In Houses Synastry

Each house represents a certain age, time period or a particular phase of development. Like the story of an imaginary person growing and maturing through life, the houses move through each phase of development A Deeper Understanding of the 4th House. A Deeper Understanding of the 8th House. A Deeper Understanding of the 9th House. A Deeper Understanding of the 3rd House. Saturn returns and oppositions can be extremely powerful and turn your life in a completely new direction.

Marriages, divorces, changes of residences, career or school changes, pregnancies and births are typical changes that occur with a major Saturn transit Approximately every 12 years, Jupiter returns to the sign of your natal Jupiter. When this happens, you have a Jupiter return.

Jupiter returns force you to grow and expand your world. They are thought to bring luck and good fortune, but the essence of the transit is growth. A Jupiter return transit may have you learning a new skill, meeting new people, going new places, doing a new job, etc. It's an expansion beyond your usual world Each zodiac sun sign has two signs that are the most different from them. These differences can be anywhere from frustrating and annoying to intriguing and attractive.

Believe it or not, you have more in common with your polar opposite sign than you do with these signs. They differ from you in modality , their masculine versus feminine nature and their element. There is also a pattern with the elements, in that, it is always fire and earth that differ most along with air and water. There is a simplicity and elegance to the traditional sign rulerships that may have you tossing aside the idea of incorporating Neptune, Uranus and Pluto into the astrological family of sign rulerships.

Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are rather recent additions to the scheme and so they are referred to as modern rulers rather than traditional or ancient rulers. They are outer planets and a strologers admit to their lack of any personal influence in our natal charts. This, combined with the lack the symmetry they create in astrology may have you doubting whether they belong at all The Personal Signs prefer to interact directly with their environment rather than through other people or abstract ideals.

Personal Signs. Relationship Signs.

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Universal Signs. The planets represent energy forces. Their energy affects each sign and house in its own unique way. Jupiter in Astrology. The Moon in Astrology. Pluto in Astrology. The Sun in Astrology. The houses represent areas of activity in your life. Each house is either a fire, air, earth or water house. The wrapping paper and ribbon is your rising sign. It's the outer-most you that everyone sees. If you just meet someone, it's what you show of yourself to them.

Your relationship itself forms its own unique chart. The composite chart is a chart of you as a couple.

Synastry Interpretations

See how our elements balance us in relationships. We are attracted to people who have the elements we lack. Popular Pages. Rising Sign Descriptions.

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Polarities in Astrology. Elements in Synastry Chart Overlays. Moon in Synastry Chart Overlays. Free Horoscopes by Astrodienst. The signs in each particular element all share a basic outlook and feel for life. Water signs, for example, all share an emotional outlook, and the air signs an intellectual outlook. Go to each page and read the full explanations. Earth Signs. Water Signs. There are three modalities : Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Discover why these differ greatly! Each modality handles control issues differently. Understand the nature of this difference.

Willingness to make commitments differs with each modality. Discover the formula behind this. Why do I find you attractive? Why do I feel like I need you? Find the answers to questions like these with synastry chart overlays. See how your lover's planets and signs affect you. Every sign, planet and placement contribute.

Rising signs are the most obvious part of our astrological make up. It's the outer-most layer of a person and casts its shadow on the whole natal chart, coloring it with its sign.

Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays
Astrology synastry house overlays

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